Sanja Srzentić Dražilov

Assistant Research Professor
Laboratory for Molecular Biomedicine

Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering (IMGGE),
University of Belgrade

Vojvode Stepe 444a, 11042 Belgrade 152, Serbia
Mobile: +381 65 397 64 45
Phone: +381 11 397 64 45
Fax: +381 11 397 58 08


2015 - PhD in Molecular Biology, Faculty of Biology (FB), University of Belgrade (UB) (Thesis: Molecular markers of impaired coagulation, inflammation, apoptosis, formation and bone remodeling processes in Legg-Calve-Perthes’ disease)
2010 - Diploma (equivalent to M.Sc.) in Molecular biology and physiology, FB, UB


2016 - Research Associate at Laboratory for Molecular Biomedicine, IMGGE
2012 - 2016 - Research Assistant at Laboratory for Molecular Biomedicine, IMGGE
2011 - 2012 - Research Trainee at Laboratory for Molecular Hematology (today Laboratory for Molecular Biomedicine), IMGGE
2014 – Practical training at Department of Orthopedics, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands


2011 to present - Researcher at Laboratory for Molecular Biomedicine, IMGGE, UB


The area of my scientific interest is the study of the molecular basis of Leg-Calve-Perthes (LCP) disease, idiopathic avascular osteonecrosis (AVN) of the femoral head in children. Although this disease was described more than 100 years ago, its etiology and pathogenesis are still unclear. The aim of my research is to identify molecular markers of LCP diseases, which would contribute to understanding of its pathophysiology and the development of new therapeutic approaches. Clinical trials have shown that therapy with autologous mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) gave very good results for the treatment of AVN. I think that research of the therapeutic potential of MSC is very important because it will be one of the most attractive therapeutic approaches for the treatment of AVN in the future.


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