Biljana Stanković

Research Associate Professor
Laboratory for Molecular Biomedicine

Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering (IMGGE),
University of Belgrade (UB)

Vojvode Stepe 444a, PO box 23, 11010 Belgrade, Serbia
Mobile:    +381 65 397 64 45                            
Phone:    +381 11 397 64 45
Fax:        +381 11 397 58 08


2019-2021 Semi-master course „Bioinformatics for biologists“, The School of Computing, Union University, Belgrade, Serbia
2015 - PhD in Molecular Biology, Faculty of Biology (FB), University of Belgrade (UB)
(Thesis: „Molecular markers of chronic inflammation and apoptosis in inflammatory bowel diseases“)
2009 - Diploma (equivalent to M.Sc.) in Molecular biology and physiology, FB, UB


2021 - Research Associate Professor at Laboratory for Molecular Biomedicine, IMGGE
2016 - Research Associate at Laboratory for Molecular Biomedicine, IMGGE
2011 - Research Assistant at Laboratory for Molecular Biomedicine, IMGGE
2010 - Research Trainee at Laboratory for Molecular Hematology, IMGGE


National projects

  • 2020-2021 - Project „Nutrigenetics and status of vitamin D, zinc and selenium in Serbian population: are we ready for COVID-19?, financed by the „Pokreni se za nauku“ program - Participant
  • 2011-2019 - “Rare diseases: Molecular Pathophysiology, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Modalities and Social, Ethical and Legal Aspects”, No. 41004, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Republic of Serbia, working group “Crohn’s disease: molecular and genetic markers of altered inflammation and apoptosis and pharmacogenetic approach in modulation of therapy” - Participant
  • 2006–2010 –“Genomic elements in phenotype modulation”, No. 143051, Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection, Republic of Serbia - Participant

International projects

  • 2019-2023 CA18240 – “ADHEsion GPCR Network: Research and Implementation Set the path for future Exploration” - Management Committee member and Bioinformatics work package leader
  • 2020 – Winner of the Labena Grant Challenge - project „Towards personalized treatment for inflammatory bowel disease: pursuit for biomarkers of glucocorticoid drug response“– Leader
  • 2014-2015 – Serbia-Slovenia bilateral project “Pharmacogenomic markers in immunosuppressive and imunomodulatory therapy: from validated markers to genotyping kits and clinical algorithms”, 451-03-3095/2014-09/45 - Participant
  • Science in Motion for Friday Night Commotion “SCIMFONICOM” 2018-19 (H2020-MSCANIGHT-2018-818747) - Participant


  • 2020 – Volunteering in the National Laboratory for detection of infectious agents „Fire Eye“, Clinical Centre of Serbia
  • 2016-2020 – Teaching experience at postgraduate courses in Molecular biology at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade: „Molecular genetics of human diseases “
  • 2018 – Member of the Local Organizing Committee of the 2nd Belgrade Bioinformatics Conference
  • 2011-2019 – Participant in numerous science popularization events (project “Little School of DNAlogy” and EU Researchers' Night)


Identification of molecular, pharmacogenomics and pharmacotranscriptomic markers associated with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), Crohn’s disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC). Genetics of chronic inflammatory diseases induced by altered gut homeostasis. Pharmacogenomics and pharmacotranscriptomics of drugs used in treatment of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients.

Applications of biostatistics and bioinformatics in biomedicine. Search for genetic risk factors of severe COVID-19. 


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