Jasna Rakonjac

Period at IMGGE: 1986-1989


BSc: Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade
MSc: Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade
PhD: Rockefeller University

Current position and address:

Senior Lecturer

Massey University
Institute of Molecular BioSciences PN462
Private Bag 11-222
Palmerston North 4442, New Zealand

Research interest:

  • Jasna Rakonjac's research interests are centered around bacterial/bacteriophage surface and secreted proteins and their roles in probiotic and pathogenic bacteria and their interaction with the host and environment. This interest has recently exanded to microbial communities, through collaborative projects with Dragana Gagic at AgResearch Grasslands Ltd., a Crown Research Institute, on rumen metagenome. Phage display is used as a primary tool for discovery of novel surface and secreted proteins by functional screening of bacterial phage display libraries for roles of interest, such as interactions with bacterial or host cells and proteins. This approach has identified a surface complex between a unique large alanine/serine rich cell wall anchored protein and an enzyme in probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus rhamnosus NH001.
  • In another line of research, filamentous bacteriophages and their conversions between a free and inner membrane-integrated forms are used as a model to study protein insertion and release from membranes. Study of a large outer membrane channel through which filamentous phages are secreted aims to increase understanding of the secretion mechanisms of large protein complexes through the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria.

Additional information:


Publications: http://scholar.google.co.nz/citations?user=N6BHLWoAAAAJ&hl=en

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