Dejan Ristić

Period at IMGGE: 1994-1999


BSc: Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade
MSc: Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade
PhD: Erasmus University,  Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Current position and address: 

Postdoctoral fellow 

Department of Cell Biology and Genetics, Erasmus Medical Center
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Research interest:

  • How is the stand exchange step of recombinational repair coupled to further mechanistic transactions such as DNA synthesis?
  • We are investigating the hand off of the products of DNA strand exchange to subsequent processing steps needed to complete repair. Initially this involves detailed analysis of RAD51 filament disassembly and how this requisite step is modulated by other required proteins such as BRCA2 and RAD54. Thorough biochemical analysis of RAD54 action on DNA is being followed up by biophysical characterization of this protein acting on single DNA molecules and RAD51 filaments. Eventual we hope to determine the architectural requirements for handing the nucleoprotein complex that is the product of strand exchange off to become the substrate for DNA synthesis.

Additional information: 

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