Gordana Nikčević

Full Research Professor
Laboratory for Molecular Biomedicine

Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering (IMGGE),
University of Belgrade

Vojvode Stepe 444a, 11042 Belgrade 152, Serbia
Mobile: +381 65 397 64 45
Phone: +381 11 397 64 45
Fax:     +381 11 397 58 08
E-mail:  gordnik@imgge.bg.ac.rs


1998 - PhD in Biology, Faculty of Biology (FB), University of Belgrade (UB) (title of the thesis: "The effect of expression of the catalytic domain of myosin light chain kinase on the contractile properties of non-muscle cells")
1988 - M.Sc. in Biology, FB, UB
1984 - B.Sc. in Biology, FB, UB


2006 - Senior Research Associate, IMGGE, UB
2000 - 2006 - Research Associate,IMGGE, UB
1993 - 2000 - Visiting Scientist, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
1988 - 1993 - Research Assistant, IMGGE
1986 - 1988 - Research Trainee, Genetic Engineering Center, Belgrade


2014 - Lecturer on Faculty of Biology (FB), UB, at PhD course:
           Personalized Medicine and Pharmacogenomics
2008 - Lecturer on FB, UB, at PhD course:Methodological approaches in molecular biology
2007 - Lecturer on FB, UB, at PhD course:Molecular biology of the gene
2001 - 2006 - Deputy Director of the IMGGE, UB


2013 - Chairman of the IMGGE, UB Scientific Board
2010 - Deputy Chairman of the IMGGE, UB Board


Studying the molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of expression of selected eukaryotic genes. The examination of molecular basis of various rare diseases, analysis of genetic polymorphisms important for optimisation of drug therapy in the treatment of inflammatory diseases. The use of animal mesenchymal stem cells from the adipose tissue in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Studying the approaches to increase therapeutic capacity of these cells by genetic modifications - by expression of specific transgeneswhose products could be beneficial for remodeling of bone and cartilage tissues.


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