Innovation Activity of the Institute

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IMGGI is turning part of its activities towards application of knowledge and the results of research in human and veterinary medicine, agriculture, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, as well as in protection of environment. For three years IMGGI has been focusing its efforts on technology transfer with purpose of supporting country’s economic development and connecting to leading domestic and foreign research and development organisations, and producers. The aim of developing innovations and technology transfer is economic and social development of the country in total. If Serbia reaches wide society consensus on the fact that investing in knowledge and innovations ensures long-term prosperity, it should contribute to economic growth and social development.

IMGGI is going to continue to encourage creative thinking and development of innovation and additionally increase the level of quality of scientific research.
IMGGI has also defined the process of technology transfer which would, as feedback, supply future financing of fundamental scientific projects. Improving technological research and encouraging innovations and technology transfer are going to enable connecting IMGGI with institutions for innovative activities in Serbia.

By the decision of the Governing Board, IMGGI has established Sector for Technology Transfer. It is an organisational unit, not a legal entity, which is run by the Head of Sector.

Members of the Sector for Technology Transfer:

  • Nataša Golić, PhD, Head of Sector
  • Lidija Đokić, PhD, Deputy Head of Sector
  • Ljiljana Rakićević, PhD
  • Vesna Spasovski, PhD
  • Jelena Kušić-Tišma, PhD
  • Isidora Petrović, PhD
  • Nada Stanković, PhD
  • Ivana Strahinić, PhD
  • Bojana Banović Đeri, PhD
  • Gordana Timotijević, PhD
  • Marina Anđelković, PhD
  • Jelena Milovanović, PhD
  • Anita Skakić, PhD
  • Stefan Lazić

Sector’s scope of action:

  • Identifying the results of IMGGI research with potential commercial value
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Assessing commercial potential of the results of IMGGI scientific research
  • Commercialisation of the results of scientific research and expertise work within IMGGI
  • Promotion of knowledge transfer between IMGGI and industries
  • Supporting launching of new innovations and technologies
  • Connecting relevant subjects, setting network and cooperation in order to intensify technology transfer
  • Increasing capacity of technology transfer and raising awareness about intellectual property within IMGGI

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