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University of Belgrade

For students

Academic Skills Course for Students

In order to mark the Science Day in Serbia, IMGGE will organize two courses of academic skills for students of the University of Belgrade who attend undergraduate studies in biology, chemistry or related fields. The course will be organized within the Science Calendar project funded by the Center for the Promotion of Science.


Once a year, IMGGE announces a competition for which students of the University of Belgrade can apply with their own research ideas. The competition is announced in the first half of the year, and the results are announced at the beginning of the school year on the IMGGE website. The award implies the possibility of conducting a project for which IMGGE provides funds for consumables in the amount defined by the competition, use of the laboratory and necessary equipment, as well as expert assistance.

Winners of the competition:


Maja Jokic, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade
Synthesis and testing of the alicin complex


Vojislav Gligorovski, Faculty of Biology and Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade
Construction of the molecular NILI (NOR) logic circuit for E. coli using the recA gene and SAM riboswitch


Danica Milovanovic, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade
Induced overexpression of TERRA transcripts in the telomeric region using a modified CRISPR / Cas system


IMGGE occasionally organizes thematic courses for students of basic, master or doctoral studies of the University of Belgrade. Courses are primarily intended for students of biology and related disciplines. The content is adapted to students of basic studies and requires only basic knowledge of the principles of biology and chemistry.

Information on courses is published in the news on the IMGGE website and on the social networks.

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